Public Procurement & Concession

Conducting business in compliance with the evolving Romanian rules on concessions and public procurement can be challenging and rewarding, with guidance from legal advisors who can navigate the intricacies of the applicable regulatory framework becoming a requisite component of success.

BSMP team has a thorough knowledge of the regulatory requirements with respect to all aspects of procurement rules, including the relevant EU legal framework, as well as the case law of both national courts and of the ECJ, being able to successfully support the client’s needs and provide leading-edge and practical solutions with respect to transactions ranging from straightforward concession agreements to sophisticated procurement arrangements or public projects in various specific industries.

BSMP’s services include advising on the full range of regulatory matters, PPPs or concession agreements structuring and negotiation, assisting clients in preparation of the bid and grantors in connection with the tender procedure, advising on implementation of the transaction structure, as well as assisting clients on post-transaction matters.

Expertise of the members of Our Team
  • Advising one of the leaders in construction and maintenance of infrastructure for transport and urban development in respect of two FIDIC agreements having as object the rehabilitation of one of the main national roads and construction of a ringroad
  • Advising the electricity transmission system operator on the establishment and implementation of measures to be taken following an audit performed by the Court of Accounts, including analysis of complex issues pertaining to various public procurement matters
  • Advising the local subsidiaries of one of Italy’s largest utility during a complex process meant to withdraw the electricity suppliers from the list of contracting authorities provided by Romanian public procurement law
  • Advising the Romanian subsidiary of a leading European energy generation in connection with securing its title over a land part of the State’s private domain via a private property concession agreement
  • Advising a major Spanish photovoltaic developer and provider of solar panels on a concession agreement required for the development of two solar power plants
  • Advising the Romanian television with regard to reviewing its internal regulation for public procurement
  • Advising a global utility player in creating a central purchasing body for carrying out public procurement processes world-wide, including in Romania

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