Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution practice, led by Gabriela Mina, is steadily carving a reputation as one of the most sought after teams in Bucharest through a string of high-profile successes for international clients and a caseload which includes some of the most high-profile domestic disputes.

The team’s recent cases include:

  •   Advising global healthcare company in a number of disputes with the National Health Insurance House and the National Agency for Fiscal Administration. These disputes straddle the public and private spheres involving complex issues of health insurance and state contributions by pharmaceutical companies.
  • Assisting and representing RA Transilvania Târgu Mureş Airport in more than 65 disputes involving administrative procedures, commercial disputes, insolvency and bankruptcy procedures, property restitution, property bordering claims, as well as employment related disputes.
  •    Representing Societatea pentru Administrarea Activelor Statului S.A. in a complex tort liability dispute involving claims of approximately 888m, in order to comply with the measures established in several decisions issued by the Romanian Court of Accounts.
  • Assisting a global healthcare company as creditor in several disputes in relation to the insolvency procedure of one of their main debtors which included legal measures for engaging the director’s liability and challenging the resolutions of the creditors’ meetings.
  • Assisting Christian ’76 Tour in connection to a contractual liability dispute involving claims of approximately 700,000 representing damages for the non-performance of a services agreement.
  • Representing a company part of Enel Group in connection to a dispute concerning cancelation of tax decision issued by Romanian authorities in relation whit real estate taxes incumbents pursuant to a joint venture agreement.
  • Representing Sometal S.A.L. before the court in a commercial dispute concerning claims for material and moral damages in amount of approximately $280,000, as a result of the inadequate performance of a banking services agreement.
  • Advising Ion Mos in various disputes on a wide range of matters, starting with several cases related to a sale purchase agreement whereby the client acquired the shares of another company in the FMCG field, ten insolvency and bankruptcy disputes concerning the client’s debtor, up to several employment disputes.
  •  Successfully advising Piemontana Logistic in a dispute in relation to cancelation of a misdemeanor minute issued by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration suspending the company’s activity.
  • Representing Viatorium Consulting in two insolvency and bankruptcy disputes concerning the client’s debtors.
  •  Assisting MC Bus Technology in connection with a challenge against the judicial enforcement proceedings initiated by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration for VAT amounts allegedly owed by the client based on a tax decision issued by German tax authorities.
  • Representing Maramures County Council in a complex arbitration case file before the Arbitration Court affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, in relation to the constructor’s claims regarding the performance of the agreement for carrying out the execution of infrastructure construction works.
  • Advising and representing Municipiul Campia Turzii in a dispute with a major commercial entity regarding a sale and purchase agreement for land earmarked for industrial development.
  • Defending one of the most important Romanian producers of building materials in a dispute in relation to pecuniary claims against the company in amount of 300,000, allegedly arising from a services agreement. Legal assistance included assessing the potential risks, preparing the dispute strategy and drafting of procedural documents.
  • Advising and representing Calipso S.R.L., a major company in the spring water industry, in various case files in relation to cancelation of misdemeanor minutes issued by the National Authority for Consumer Protection without the observance of the legal provisions on spring water.
  • Representing a world-renowned company in the construction business in a case file in relation to the challenge of an employee of a termination decision, along with pecuniary claims.
  • Assisting and representing Hugo Construct Business in several tort liability disputes and administrative liability dispute in connection with various building construction works performed by the client.
  • Representing the Romanian subsidiary of one of the biggest power sector players in Europe in a case related to performance of an energy sale and purchase agreement.
  • Advising Azuga Waters in relation to various corporate legal disputes related to acquisition of a majority stake in the oldest Romanian football club.