With an exceptional legal know-how, acquired both as a lawyer and as a client in a managerial role, Cosmin masters a perfect balance in approaching the client’s needs and expectations through deep and clear understanding of a wide range of different perspectives in the Energy, Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions fields.

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During his long-lasting carrier as legal and corporate affairs director of a major multinational player in the Energy industry, Cosmin gained an extensive expertise and coordinated various projects in the field, from the day-to-day activities of the companies to the most complex and challenging investment programs in the distribution network, regulatory matters on the energy distribution and supply, investments in the renewables, litigations deriving from investments and the regulatory legal framework or institutional affairs-related matters regarding the activity of the company on a strategic economic sector. 

Cosmin was also part of the continuous development process of the group in Romania, by coordinating the corporate activities of the local subsidiaries, from a single management company into a complex holding structure and, considering the intricate nature of the activities and the in-depth understanding of modern principles of corporate governance, Corporate law become one of the main specializations that Cosmin developed during the years.

During his early career as a lawyer, Cosmin was involved in due diligence processes on major Romanian companies successfully privatized, advising both private and foreign clients. Later on, as legal manager, Cosmin has built a considerable practice and acquired experience by coordinating from the legal perspective the local Mergers & Acquisition projects that the Romanian companies of his group engaged-in for over more than a decade, with exposure on high-level transactions and negotiations with both private entities and institutional organizations and stakeholders, supervising teams of inhouse specialists and external consultants.

Law School 1997

EMBA 2013

Bucharest Bar